Advanced Printing Features Within Simplify Printing

Exploring Advanced Printing Features with our VP of Product Engineering.

Sure, our Simplify Printing product helps organizations eliminate printing problems, but did you know it also works to add to the user experience? Watch our VP of Product Engineering demonstrate one of the advanced printing features available in the latest version of Tricerat Simplify Printing. In this video, Andrew will be adding a secure pin code to a document that he wants to print. This is not a standard printing function in Windows. Click the below image to watch the video.

Simplify Printing is an enterprise-ready printing solution that enables you to manage all of your printer configurations, eliminate printing issues with our universal printer driver and assign print jobs from one central, easy-to-use, drag-and-drop console. These added advanced printing features give access to the extended capabilities of the printer while still using a virtual print driver on the terminal server. Our print management software helps you monitor, troubleshoot and solve common printing problems within your Citrix, Microsoft RDS or VMware VDI system.

Find out more about this and other advanced printing features and test the product for yourself here.

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