IT Time Podcast 3: Legal Lessons in Moving Beyond Courier Service

What We Learned

This week we're welcoming Craig Kalty of Custom Systems to the studio. Craig has 25 years experience in network integrations and works with several large law firms who are currently striving toward BYOD-friendly environments. In his recent experience, Craig has seen a repeated trend: an increased focus on simplicity and security. 

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Legal IT (like most large IT industries with a lot of valuable data) is making progress, slowly but surely. Craig sees a theme: the law firms aren't really driving technology, rather the technologies available are drive what the law firms are able to do. For example, the legal courier, and the 'file room' they used to frequent has since disappeared due to new data systems and cloud storage. Why send a courier when you can shoot out an email? What has replaced those vanishing couriers? A need for education surrounding cloud systems and security and regulations keeping users in line. Craig explains how legal IT departments are containing their information and managing their security vulnerabilities by managing what types of programs can be run on each type of device. Their biggest adversary? The lawyer's' need for convenience and speed. Listen to learn more!

The Takeaway

Simplicity and security. Just like the doctors in last week's episode, the lawyers won't use the tech if it's not easy to adopt. Due to a lack of knowledge surrounding the cloud and other storage systems they look to the IT department to keep their actions and data secure. It's up to the IT pros to pick the most secure option that doesn't hinder mobility or cause inconvenience. That's a tall order!

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