Meet Carly: Tricerat's Marketing Maven

Meet Carly, she's Tricerat's Senior Marketing and Communications Manager. Carly works hard every day to make sure that all of the internal teams here at Tricerat have what they need to be successful, whether that’s the tools to deliver the right message to the right people, an optimized digital experience, a new product launch or anything in between. It’s also Carly's passion to be a user and customer champion. Carly began her career in marketing working with companies like Transamerica and Allegis Group. She studied human centered computing locally at UMBC. Before Joining Tricerat, Carly spent a lot of time in the insurance industry – in disbursements, marketing/reporting and customer experience.

That’s where I really saw how technology can help people and companies by making things easier and more data driven. I also learned that customer satisfaction is paramount – in this digital age, one bad review can ruin companies. Something so simple as really taking care of the people who are the reason your company is in business (customers!) sometimes gets lost.

What types of things are you responsible for as the Senior Marketing and Communications Manager?

One of my main responsibilities is better aligning our marketing efforts with modern technology and current customer expectations. With my background in CX and UX, I’m helping the team redesign our digital and print marketing to put out a consistent and correct message, as well as working on a redesign of our website. There’s lots of work to be done, but as long as we keep our customers in mind when making decisions, at the end of the day it will all be worth the hard work. One of my pet projects is working with the Citrix User Group Community. This is the first year Tricerat has been a part of it in an official capacity, and I’m excited to be building out this new relationship and reaching new demographics.

Of all the things the marketing department is responsible for, I think the most important is being iterative and agile. It’s awesome to be involved in an agile team that’s not afraid to try new things and to admit if they are or are not working. With larger corporations, sometimes it’s really hard to “turn the ship” when things aren’t going well – not the case at Tricerat. The company isn’t afraid to try new things to make things better for customers or employees and it’s wonderful to have a part in that!

Three objects on your desk?

  • Pictures of my friends, family and cats! I spend 40+ hours a week at my desk, and it’s an uplifting reminder of why I work so hard.
  • A framed “Good Things Happen To Those Who Hustle” cross stitch that a ridiculously talented and generous past colleague gave to me. It serves as a reminder to obviously work hard, but also that I’ve got a great network of all star “hustlers” who I can always count on to lift me up when I need it.
  • My inbox is probably the most important work-related thing on my desk (other than my computer!). I have a terrible memory, so I’m constantly writing things down on paper as later “To-Do's". If I didn’t have one place to stash all this paper, I’d lose it and never get anything done!

The first device you reach for in the morning?

I realized that the first thing I was reaching for in the morning was my cell phone, I was hopelessly addicted! I try not to check my phone first thing anymore, so usually the first device I reach for is my electric tea kettle. Making loose leaf tea is my morning ritual that centers me before a crazy day – and it gives me a bit of a caffeine boost!

After arriving at Tricerat in the morning, your first stop is?

The kitchen to put away my lunch in the fridge. I’m trying to be healthy and pack my lunches consistently, but getting to the grocery story is a constant challenge for me. Some days I have a great lunch, and some days it’s very sparse!

How long have you worked for Tricerat? What is your largest milestone with the company?

I just passed my two month milestone with Tricerat! I’m very new to the team, but everyone has been very welcoming and willing to explain things 1,000 times for the newbie. I think the largest milestone I can see on the horizon will be when we redesign our website – I’m anxious to get that project started so we can clean things up!

Finish this sentence: I leave work each day knowing I have ____________ for my team and clients…

More to do the next day for my team and clients! Like most places, there’s always more work to be done, and it’s good for me knowing that tomorrow I won’t be bored.

Which Tricerat product is your favorite and why?

I’m in marketing, so I know they all have specific situations where they each shine! I’d have to say my favorite is Simplify Printing personally – it’s a well-rounded product, and that makes my job super easy.

If you could have dinner with any three people, dead or alive, who would you invite?

I would love to have dinner with my three closest girlfriends – we’re in different time zones and stages in our lives so it’s tough to catch up! Nothing recharges the batteries like having dinner with rockstar women.

Any last words?

One of my favorite quotes that I try to emulate is from the sci-fi show Doctor Who: “I am, and always will be, the optimist. The hoper of far-flung hopes, and the dreamer of improbable dreams.”

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