Print Server Proxy: What's new in the 6.6.0

A Closer Look at Print Server Proxy

Author: Michael Lombardi, Senior Software Developer at Tricerat


With the release of 6.6.0, Tricerat added functionality to help its customers print in a variety of situations. One of our newest features is the Print Server Proxy function, geared toward helping users print with print servers.

Why We Added It

One of the requirements to use Tricerat's software with print servers is that firewall port exceptions need to be made where our Print Server service is installed. In most cases, this doesn’t pose a problem and is handled automatically by our installer. However, this may not be an easy set up in some IT infrastructure architectures. In cases where the terminal server and the print server are managed by different IT departments or companies, print server proxy will come in handy. The Print Server Proxy alters the flow of data so that the firewall port exceptions can be made on the term server or a separate server instead of on the print server.

Best Configuration

Basic configuration of the Print Server Proxy involves three steps.

  1. Install Print Server Proxy on the terminal serv
  2. Install the Printer Server Proxy on the print server
  3. Turn on the "Use a proxy for print server" setting in the Simplify Console

After these changes are made, Simplify Printing will function even if the print server has a firewall without any port exceptions!

Print Server Proxy has a few options that allow for a more advanced configuration as well. Interested in learning more about this situation, or how our software solutions can fit your unique needs? Get started today with a free trial or contact us at

Michael is a senior software developer at Tricerat, specializing in a number of our software solutions. Connect with him on LinkedIn.

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