New Maps Functionality

Printer Assignments Made Simple With Maps The new Maps functionality from Tricerat makes the self-service of printers simple and natural. New to Simplify Suite v6.8, Tricerat now allows users to quickly and easily add their own printers from a Maps ...

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Tricerat + XenTegra Webinar

Printing Should Not Be a Full Time Job Recently Tricerat got the chance to work with one of our key partners, Xentegra, on a webinar. Learn from industry leaders as they discuss major issues and solutions in printing, featuring the voices of ...

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Printing Made Simple for EHR/EMR Systems

There are many options available to hospital and healthcare organizations when it comes to things like electronic healthcare records (EHR) and electronic medical records (EMR). Many companies specialize in these types of EMR systems, such as Epic, ...

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5 Reasons Why The Financial Industry Must Embrace The Cloud

Time to Take a Closer Look at Cloud Services The key to staying relevant and successful for companies today is to embrace changing technology and incorporate added efficiencies into everyday business. This is especially true in the financial ...

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5 Reasons Why The Legal Industry Must Embrace The Cloud

Time to Take a Closer Look at Cloud Services You're on the cloud all day. Firing off emails, navigating apps that assist with your day-to-day challenges and duties, and always on the move. Professionals in the legal industry are faced with ...

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5 Reasons Why The Healthcare Industry Must Embrace The Cloud

Meeting the Bottom Line for Healthcare with Cloud Services No one understands the need for efficiency better than those in the Healthcare Industry. Healthcare institutions are increasingly aware of growing demands to reduce costs, improve client ...

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